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Price :$199 Framed
Note : Frame is dark hard-wood, custom fitted and includes an acid-free bevelled matte and a UV protectant plexi-glass front.
Price :$59 unframed

Rolling Stones Art Collection

Its Only Rock and Roll Lithograph

Oh no! It's Only Rock and Roll and I like it! Originally released im 1974, this was the last record Mick Taylor played on, and the first that Ron Wood played on (although he was not yet an official band member. The art for this cover is amazingly detailed, and the original 12" LP it appeared on is too small to properly show all the little details that make it so interesting. Done in a very antique monotone, it is one of the classier and more classic style album covers in the Rolling Stones Album Art Collection. Now it can be shown in it's full sized splendor, intricacies and all!!

This lithograph was produced on the finest lithograph paper stock. It is a beautiful piece of art meant for framing. Each copy comes with a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer, and is part of the one and only edition of Rolling Stones Album Art Lithographs!

These plate signed lithographs are printed on museum poster stock. These are pieces of art meant for framing and will increase in value over time. Consider these as a gift for someone you love or for yourself. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us.
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