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Shipping : $5 (USA), $8 (overseas)
Size : 14" X21.5"
Price : SOLD OUT Unframed
Price :SOLD OUT Framed
Note : Frame is dark hard-wood, custom fitted and includes an acid-free bevelled matte and a UV protectant plexi-glass front.
Rolling Stones Art Collection

Vintage 1969 North American Tour Poster
Art by David Byrd
Published by Teal Lautrec Litho in S.F. in 1969.

This is a great piece of history and a beautiful art print. Designed by famed artist David Byrd, the same man who designed the original Woodstock poster and the art for Jesus Christ Superstar. This item was used to promote various stops on the 1969 tour. This particular copy was not marked with a tour date or venue and was one of the extra prints that was left over after the tour ended. As many fans will recall this was tour included the infamous stop at Altamont Speedway that is credited as being one of the signs of the end of the carefree days of the psychedelic sixties.

This lithograph was produced on heavy matte paper stock. It is a beautiful piece of art meant for framing.

These plate signed lithographs are printed on museum poster stock. These are pieces of art meant for framing and will increase in value over time. Consider these as a gift for someone you love or for yourself. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us.
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