TOOL Concert Poster
Poster by Macrae / Ulysses

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Price : $79
Shipping : $5 (USA), $8 (overseas)
Size : 14.5" X25"
HAND SIGNED BY Macrae and Ulysses Numbered Edition of 350

Japan Concert Poster

The second colaboration between Macrae and Ulysses, this incredible design features the extreme detail of Ulysses with the futuristic "Tribalyptic" style of Macrae.

The poster, designed for the Osaka Japan performance of the band TOOL has a central image featuring a woman being transformed by some alien force. Ulysses trademark style utilises a huge amount of detail to convey the feeling in his art. The border, designed by Macrae took the theme of the central image and played with the concept of alien language and imagry. The result is a crpytic border design full of complex lettering that Macrae has dubbed "Tribalyptic". The translation of the lettering is known only to him, though he has made it known that for this print all the lettering refers to the band TOOL and that the letters are all based on ancient celtic runes.

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