The Visual Gallery Guarantee

The Visual Gallery guarantees that the posters and prints presented here are all authentic pieces. All posters are in mint condition unless otherwise indicated. Those that are original editions are indicated. If you have any questions as to whether the posters are originals or reprints you may e-mail us and we will tell you right away.

We also guarantee that every shipment will arrive safely. Any posters that arrive damaged will be replaced at our cost. Please note that posters will only be replaced if the damaged ones are returned in advance. It is our goal to make sure that everyone that places an order with us ends up happy. We have a near 100% satisfaction record after ten years of selling on the internet.

In order to best serve our customers we operate a friendly mailing list. The list is used to inform interested subscribers of new additions to our site and to present collecting and other related information about posters and the art world. We invite you to join us! Please e-mail

RETURN POLICY : If you need to return an order you can do so by sending the item in it's original packaging back to us at the address on the package. If you include with the package your payment method and email address we can easily make the refund within days of receiving the item back.

note : These are collectible posters and prints. Returns are only accepted on items that are improperly described in our listings or if the image of the item is not the same as the item you receive.

All information supplied to us will be kept 100% private. If you have any questions please direct them to :

For General Questions :

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