Emek began with doing flyers for friends who had their own bands and that helped him land his first real gig doing a poster for a political march and demonstration calling for unity and equality after the 1992 LA Riots.

Emek gets his influence from everything going on in the world such as current events either globally or as locally as pop culture, media, the streets, and historic art. His ideas come from old political and propaganda posters and from TV because as a child he never owned one. His posters speak for themselves by not giving direct connections between the bands particular album or song from which he bases the art from. He chooses silkscreens rather than offsets because it makes each poster an original artwork ( He also handsigns and includes a little drawing on each.).

He was invited to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for a poster art retrospective after he had done the album cover for Neil Young and Pearl Jam's "Mirrorball" album. His artwork has been turned into Neon Billboards on the Sunset Strip and another big billboard in Tokyo, Japan. Some of his early posters sell for hundreds of dollars.

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